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Speedwell Avenue Redevelopment Plan

  • Residential
  • Mixed Use


The Speedwell Avenue Redevelopment is a new plan for Morristown designed around a village park. Inspired by the Morristown “Green”, this development encircles a new public park which is connected to downtown with a pedestrian street. This is designed to create walkable neighborhood and a sense of place. Recently approved by the Morristown Council this plan contains 662 residential units in a five phase plan with associated retail on Speedwell Avenue. This plan called for the mixed-use redevelopment of 14 acres of parking lots adjacent to the central business district in Morristown, N.J. Streets were extended to create connecting thoroughfares and organized blocks. The plan is organized around a new central public park and pedestrian only connections to the town center. The buildings are 4-6 stories and contain mostly residential uses above retail and parking. This is a form-based code that incorporates context-sensitive architectural design controls, landscaping, and sustainability requirements. The plan was completed in association with Jonathan Rose Associates and Phase 1 has been completed.

Mill Creek Residential Trust
Morristown, NJ
5 Phases 662 Residential Units + Retail
Jonathan Rose Companies, LLC
Speedwell Avenue Redevelopment Plan - Gallery photo